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If you want to put “fun” into fundraising I may be able to help you.  Having run Swimming After Surgery (SAS) for 9 years I have been successful with funding applications and wacky ideas for raising money.  Including dying a pool pink – no one came out from the pool pink. If you think I could help you, please get in touch and see how we can make fundraising fun.  

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I put my money where my mouth is and when asked if I would be prepared to give a rowing machine challenge a go I accepted all in the name of charity.  

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

Are you an event organiser, hold events at a hotel, are a manager of a hotel or venue?  Have you ever heard of “PEEPs” Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans? Do you know what they are and why they are so important?  I had no idea what they were either until I got caught in a hotel fire. Following that incident, I met up with my local fire service and learnt about horizontal fire evacuation procedures and why lifts should not be used should a fire break out.  If you want to hear how something negative can be turned into a positive regarding fire evacuation and access to venues please contact me.

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Fiona is an “Expert by Experience”.  I certainly needed her expertise recently at a venue in London.  I was taking over as President of the Professional Speakers Association in London and wanted to ensure the venue was suitable for everyone.   Having heard Fiona speak in 2014 about how “Small Things Make A Big Difference” I knew who I had to ask for help. I expected to deal with access issues with a questionnaire on paper.  Fiona proved me wrong, what happens on paper and in practice are two entirely different things.

On messaging her, she said “Why don’t I come down to London?”.  Fiona’s visit to London on 8th September certainly opened my eyes and that of the venue.  Working with the venue manager and myself Fiona ensured the Professional Speaking Association event in London was a success.  Instead of taking a backseat Fiona ensured all our delegates with additional needs felt safe and really enjoyed the event. If you have never heard of PEEPS (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) ask Fiona for help.  Her personal experience of being caught in a hotel fire made me really look further into other people’s safety at events as well as ensuring hotels and venues are more inclusive not exclusive. I highly recommend Fiona for any event, venue or hotel to ensure functions and events run smoothly for everyone.

Train Travel Access Issues for the Disabled

Train travel – issues with access.  Take a look at my blog on train travel and being without my wheelchair for a couple of days.   Why? My brakes broke. 

I speak about “Overcoming Challenges”, have a humorous talk about how I am helping to change things to help cancer patients as I am a Macmillan Cancer Voice.  I am passionate about changing things for the better. Some people describe me as an “activist”. I call myself a rottweiler when I see something that needs changing, I am like a dog with a bone.  

I help students with interview skills by removing the fear factor.  To find out more you will have to see me in action. Juniper Training in Telford have benefitted from my services for 2 years now.  Take a look at the testimonial from them to see if I can be of benefit to your school, college or training centre.

Public Speaking

Are you looking for an interesting speaker who speaks from the heart with a twist of appropriate humour along the way, please contact me via this website or just pick up the telephone and make that call?

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