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Fiona has been supporting us at Juniper Training for the past couple of years with mock interviews for our students on a 4 weekly basis. For many of the students this is a very daunting time as they have never encountered interviews before.

Fiona’s kind and caring approach allows the learners to relax into the interview and feel comfortable throughout. For the students really lacking confidence Fiona has taken the time to speak to them prior to the interview starting motivating them and giving them increased confidence.

During the interview Fiona is professional throughout asking well thought out, industry specific questions making the interview as realistic as possible. Fiona uses her wealth of knowledge to cater
for all types of abilities ensuring she is able to challenge the more confident, experienced students.

At the end of the interview Fiona gives vital feed back to the students from notes she has made during the interview. Fiona’s feedback is always extremely constructive and she uses her past
experiences to help the students develop their answers for future interviews.

Fiona also provides the students with written feedback which they are able to take away with them for future reference.

Overall Fiona’s approachability, knowledge and caring nature makes the whole interview process a lot easier for our students with most saying they found it extremely useful and the support will
definitely help them in future interviews.

Jonathan Price Tutor Juniper Training

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